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    General Information

    Change Ambassadors

    At NPPS, we have a dedicated team of Change Ambassadors who have been given specific responsibilities and leadership roles.

    Application Process

    Applications must be made in writing to either Ms Chissim, Ms Dolman, Mrs Cridland or Ms Berg (SMSC Team). Staff will meet to discuss the application and decide whether the pupil meets the relevant criteria as follows;

    • Has the attitudes and attributes to be a role model
    • Has shown past commitment to a voluntary post at home or in school (e.g. through shadowing an Ambassador
    • Has leadership skills
    • Has a strong understanding of the ‘Rights and Responsibilities Charter’
    • Shows consistent compliance with school rules and has a positive attitude to learning
    • Is reliable and can demonstrate that they will be able to carry out the duties regularly and to a high standard
    • Has specific knowledge or experience to be able to carry out the role
    • ‘Lives’ the school values at all times

    Change Ambassador Roles

    • Health (red sash)
    • Chicken Welfare (yellow sash)
    • Faith, Belief & Values (blue sash)
    • Travel (purple sash)
    • Global citizenship (green sash)
    • Attendance (orange sash)
    • Article 12 (gold sash)

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