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    General Information

    Newbury Park Primary School recognises that positive behaviour and good attendance are central to raising standards and pupil achievement. Our policy on attendance and punctuality underpins our school ethos to:

    • promote children’s welfare and safeguarding;
    • ensure every pupil has access to the full time education to which they are entitled;
    • ensure that pupils succeed whilst at school;
    • ensure that pupils have access to the widest possible range of opportunities when they leave school and;
    • Protect the rights of the child to receive an education.

    For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and that they arrive to school on time every day. Any absence or lateness affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning. Any pupil’s absence or late arrival disrupts teaching routines and affects the learning of others in the same class.

    As parents, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your child’s attendance at school. In line with government policy, our school does not authorise leave of absence for family holidays during term time and any requests will be automatically declined. If you take your child out of school for a holiday, you will be fined. This will be £120 per parent, per child.

    Please see information  below for school start times.  Please ensure your child in is school every day to start their learning by:

    Year Groups Doors Open Learning Begins
    Nursery AM 8.40am 8.45am
    Nursery PM 12.30pm 12.30pm
    Reception 8.40am 8.50am
    Years 1, 2 & 3 8.45am 8.50am
    Years 4, 5 & 6 8.50am 8.55am

    Persistence lateness will result in a referral to the Local Authority Education Welfare Service and a fine of £120 per parent, per child.

    Attendance and punctuality records are scrutinised by the Leadership Team on a weekly basis, and by the Governing Body on a termly basis. Any concerns are reported to the Local Authority Education Welfare Service.

    Absence from school

    If your child is absent from school, please contact the school office on the first day of absence. We would ask you not to keep your child from attending school for reasons other than sickness or urgent medical appointments.

    We trust that parents will not dishonestly claim that there are exceptional circumstances which require them to take their children aboard during term. We need to role model good attendance, punctuality and integrity to our children in order for them to be successful later on in life.  Click on the link below to access a Department for Education research document about the effect of absence on academic attainment.

    The link between absence and attainment at KS2 & KS4

    Is your child too ill for school? 

    Please click on the link for NHS advice


    Reasons not to keep your child off school

    If their parent or sibling is ill

    On their birthday

    To attend a non-urgent medical appointment or check up (wherever possible, dentist and eye sight appointments should be made after school hours or at the weekend.

    To avoid going on a school trip (if you have any concerns about a school trip, please ask to make an appointment to see a member of the Leadership Team).