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    General Information

    General Information on keeping your child safe from exploitation and abuse


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    The internet and computers in the 21st Century have an all-encompassing role within the lives of children and adults.  New technologies are enhancing communication and the sharing of information.  Current and emerging technologies are used in school and, more importantly in many cases, used outside of school by children.

    The Internet is an open communications channel, available to all.  Anyone can send messages, discuss ideas and publish material with little restriction.

    A really good set of infromation and resources can be found at:

    Keeping you child safe – Social_Media_Guidance


    Advice for Parents on Cyberbullying 13-11-14


    Minecraft – a Parent’s guide

    Healthy Lifestyles

    These links will provide further information for parents on healthy lifestyles and preventing accidents at home



    Children who attend lessons and tuition outside of school

    Staff in schools are checked and monitored. However, if your child receives tuition or attends lessons in a place of worship or at a sports club you will need to reassure yourself that the teacher/tutors/coaches have undergone the appropriate checks.

    If you are thinking of employing a tutor for your child please read this advice (click here).