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    General Information


    LOTM celebrates the different backgrounds of the pupils at Newbury Park, encourages understanding of other cultures and gives the children an opportunity to communicate in a different language each month.The scheme introduces everyone at the school to some of the languages spoken in the school community with children as young as 4 able to express themselves in different languages. In 2005 the school was awarded the  “European Award for Languages” and the “Community Language Prize”. We went to the Foreign Office to receive the awards, presented by Sir Trevor MacDonald.

    All children, from the Nursery to Year 6, participate in the scheme, which highlights the value of all languages. Each month, one pupil becomes the ‘language expert’, recording words and phrases for everyone to learn and giving an insight into their culture. Each month teachers receive a resource pack with display materials, suggested activities and audio and video clips of basic words and phrases recorded by a pupil at the school and a family member.

    Language of the Month resources are available on our school website inspiring other schools  to follow suit. Our project is now used widely by school across the UK. We continue to run training for schools using the project. Interest in the project has been shown by schools from across Europe and as far away as South Korea and Canada.