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    General Information

    Communication Guide

    If you have any queries or concerns you wish to discuss with a member of our team, please click on the link below to see our Communication Guide for information of who to contact.
    Communication Guide 2017-18

    School Uniform

    School colours – red, white, black or grey

    Reception to Year 5

    White polo shirt

    Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

    Red school jumper/pullover/cardigan

    Year 6

    White shirt or blouse

    School tie

    Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

    Red school jumper/pullover/cardigan

    (children will be allowed to wear a grey jumper/cardigan in the ‘transition phase’)

    In summer children may also wear grey shorts or a simple red striped or checked dress.

    All the above items are available from most retail stores, with the exception of the school tie.  This can be purchased from the school office (price £3.00).  A red school book bag and school PE bag are also available from the school office (price £4.00 each).

    All pupils are expected to wear black footwear.

    Girls are not permitted to wear shoes with high heels or open toe sandals.

    Any head coverings for religious reasons must be in the school colours. If your child is required to cover their legs for religious reasons, they will be allowed to wear ankle length leggings in the school colours.

    Children are required to wear socks or tights in the school colours.

    On snowy or rainy days, children will be allowed to come to school in black boots. They may arrive in Wellington boots, but will need a pair of smart boots/shoes to change in to.

    In order to protect your child from the sun, please ensure that on hot and sunny days, your child wears a hat or cap to school (preferably in school colours).

    All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

    Kit for Physical Education Lessons

    All infant classes have PE lessons indoors during the winter. They need to have:

    A white T-shirt or polo shirt, black shorts, a pair of plimsolls

    These items should be kept in the drawstring bag and available in school all week.

    Junior pupils should have the same kit for indoor PE lessons plus the following for when outdoor lessons are taken in winter;

    Trainers, black track suit bottoms, black sweat shirt/zip-up fleece

    Free School Uniform

    Where parents are entitled to ‘pupil premium funding’ to support their child’s learning, a school uniform will be provided free of charge. For more details, please contact the school office.


    In the interests of safety, pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery in school.  Exceptions to this are watches, jewellery worn as a religious obligation, and stud earrings for pupils with pierced ears.  Ear studs must be removed for all sessions of physical education, including swimming.  Pupils with pierced ears must be able to remove and replace their studs themselves.

    Safety and security

    1. All visitors to the school must report to the school office on arrival. Visitors will be informed of emergency evacuation procedures.
    2. All visitors must wear their visitor badge at all times.
    3. Dogs are not allowed in the playgrounds or field without the prior permission of the Headteacher.
    4. Parents and visitors are asked to comply with the parking restrictions outside of the school. There are 2 very large car parks a short distance from the school. Please park away from the school and walk. Please note that the staff car park should not be used by parents at any time.
    5. The school has a No Smoking policy; visitors are asked not to smoke anywhere on the school site.

    Collecting your child at the end of the day

    If for any reason you have to change the arrangement for collecting your child at the end of the day please inform your child’s class teacher. For safeguarding reasons, we cannot send a child home with an unknown adult.

    If you are delayed and unable to collect your child on time please telephone the school office as soon as possible. Parents may be charged a fee if a child is not collected on time (see Charging Policy)

    Contacting you in an emergency

    If a child becomes unwell during the school day and needs to be taken home or there is any other emergency, school staff will contact parents or carers.

    At the start of each school year parents and carers are asked to complete a form detailing how they may be contacted during school hours.  Parents and carers are also asked to provide any information (medical or social) that they feel to be important for school staff to know when looking after their child.

    If any of this information should change during the course of the year, please contact the school office as soon as possible. It is essential that we have parents’ up to date email and phone contact details.

    Our preferred method of communication with parents is via email or text. Newsletters are sent by email, as well as important updates about school trips and events.

    ParentPay – On-line Payments
    On-line payments can be made via ParentMail.

    This means that families will be able to pay online.  Initially, we have only set up extended school activities (before and after school sports clubs) for payments online.  Once all staff have been trained you will be able to pay for trips, Sunrise and Sunset club and all extended school activities by this method of payment.

    To pay online you must be registered with ParentMail.  Please check that you are registered, as soon we will not be taking any manual payments in school.  Click on the links below to see further instructions:

    ParentPay instructions for families
    ParentPay instructions – Free school meal/Pupil Premium families

    Medication in school

    Whenever possible, parents should make arrangements for children to take medicines at home rather than in school. When this is not feasible, the prescribed medicine should be brought into school and given to the welfare officer who is based by the main office. Please note that only medicine prescribed by the child’s GP will be accepted. You will be asked to complete a consent form which can be obtained from the school office. Homeopathic and ‘over the counter’ medicines will not be accepted.  Please see our Policy on Medicines in School for more details.

    Protecting your property

    Each year the school accumulates a large quantity of lost/unclaimed property. Please help yourself and your child by ensuring that all clothes and possessions are clearly marked with your child’s name. Please do not allow your child to bring valuables into school.

    Break time

    We would like to encourage you to give your child a piece of fruit to enjoy at break-time.  Having a healthy mid- morning snack is really good for children’s concentration and learning.  It gives them an extra boost of energy which is vital, especially if they haven’t had much breakfast or if they have had a late night.

    Lunch time

    School meals are provided by the caterer ISS Caterhouse. Details of the menu will be available from the school office or on our website.

    Lunch times are staged;

    11.45 – 12.45am  Reception

    12:00 – 1:00pm  , Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 pupils

    12:30 – 1:30pm   for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils

    Free School Meals for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Pupils

    All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes are entitled to have a free school meal at lunchtime. You are entitled to send your child to school with a packed lunch, but please make sure it is nutritious.

    At lunch time your child may:

    Stay for a school meal. School meals cost £2.00 per day for all KS2 children (Y3-6). The money is paid in advance each week on a Monday. Payments must be made in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and class.

    Bring a packed lunch. Children must bring their packed lunch in a suitable container clearly marked with the child’s name and class.  Children must not bring glass containers to school or cans of fizzy drinks.

    Parents are asked to comply with the Government’s healthy food guidelines and packed lunches must not contain crisps, biscuits, cakes or chocolate.

    Go home. Children taken home at lunch time should return on time but no sooner than 10 minutes before the start of their session.

    Help Obtain Extra Funding for Your Child.

    It is particularly important for us to establish whether your child will be entitled to the ‘Pupil Premium’ which is additional funding to schools from the Government to support pupils with their learning if their parents/carers are receiving certain benefits.

    If you think you may be entitled to claim this additional funding, it is essential that you register. Please contact a member of office staff for further advice. Registration will give your child real benefits in school including;

    • free school uniform
    • free school trips
    • free places in our after school activity programme
    • free music instrument tuition (from Year 2 upwards)
    • free school meals for Year 3-6 pupils (All Infant pupils are entitled to a free school lunch)

    Register now and your child will receive these benefits for up to 6 years.

    School trips

    All classes will at some time go out of school to visit a place of interest. The visits are a very important part of the education we offer. They are selected to complement the work in school and offer children the opportunity to experience an aspect of their learning at first hand.

    Staff follow a strict safety code on all visits. Parents are informed in advance of all out-of-school trips and are asked to sign a consent form covering all trips on admission to the school.  A request is also made for a voluntary contribution to meet the cost of some visits.  (Please see our Charging Policy for more details under ‘school policies’)

    In Year 6 all children have the opportunity to attend a 5 day residential visit.

    If you have any concerns or questions about a school trip, please make an appointment to see a member of the leadership team.

    Voluntary contributions

    There are times in the year when classes undertake special activities (such as educational trips) that incur substantial extra costs to the school. In these circumstances parents are invited to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost.

    Children of parents not making a contribution will not be treated in any way differently from the rest of the group. However, it is possible that an activity may be cancelled due to the lack of voluntary contributions. No child will be denied participation in an activity on the grounds that a contribution has not been made on his/her behalf. The voluntary contribution requested will be based on the actual cost per child. No additional charge will be made to cover any loss incurred by non-payment of others.

    Parents who are entitled to Pupil Premium funding, will not be charged for school trips.

    Charging for School Activities

    Education provided during school hours is free to all pupils. This includes all materials, equipment and transport. The school may make a charge to parents & carers for the following activities or reasons:

    • Out of school hours child care as part of our extended school early morning and after school child care schemes.
    • Loss of books, equipment or other materials on loan to parents/carers.
    • Music tuition, in respect of individual or small group tuition provided by Redbridge Music Centre and Mr Larke.
    •  The cost of repairs or replacement of property caused by willful damage.
    • Exceptional child care resulting from children being uncollected at the end of the school day.
    • Materials and media produced by the school.
    • Board and lodgings for residential visits.
    • Extended school activities for pupils outside school hours and, where appropriate, activities and services for parents, carers & others.

    Please see details in Charging Policy available from the School Office or website.

    The Head Teacher may remit charges in part or full to benefit pupils or families in particular need of support.

    Swimming and Sailing

    All children are encouraged to enjoy, participate and compete in sports and games. The school offers a range of sporting activities.

    All pupils in Year 5 are required to take an intensive swimming course. Pupils in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to attend sailing lessons with a specialist team at Fairlop Waters.

    Music Instrument tuition

    Children who show talent or interest can receive additional weekly lessons to learn the violin and guitar. The lessons are provided by teachers from the Redbridge Music School. Children are taught either individually or in small groups.

    Instrument lessons are available from Year 2 onwards. There is a charge made for these extra lessons, which includes the hire of the instrument.

    Photographs in school

    During the course of the year there are many occasions when photos are taken. Classes use photographs for a wide range of reasons including to display work and activities in school, or to make a record of trips and other special events.

    The use of photography is a very valuable tool for teaching and learning. Photographs and video are occasionally used for staff training. We allow parents to record school concerts and events featuring their children.

    The safety of children is very important to us. For this reason the names of children appearing in photographs are not printed when they are used in school publications (Prospectus, newsletters, school website etc.).

    If photographs taken in school are to be used by third party organisations or a pictured child is to be named in a school publication then specific permission is sought from the parent of each individual child.

    Parents are asked to agree to these conditions when their child is admitted to the school.


    Dealing with your complaints and concerns effectively and in a timely manner is important to us. We know that children learn best when there is an effective partnership between the school and the parents.  If you have a concern or complaint come and talk to us. If it is something that affects your child:

    • Talk to your child’s class teacher. If you send in a note or see the teacher in the morning they can usually give you an appointment at the end of the school day.
    • If you are unable to resolve the problem, or it is a different kind of issue:
    • Telephone or call into the school office to make an appointment to see a member of the Leadership Team. It is very helpful if you can indicate the nature of your concern so that the right person can deal with it.
    • A member of the Leadership Team will meet with you to listen to your concern and will advise you what action will be taken. It may be that a further meetings or telephone contact is required. A full copy of the School Complaints Procedure can be obtained from the School Office or downloaded from the school website.
    • If when this process is complete you are not satisfied you may follow the Formal School Complaints Procedure. The first step in this procedure is to put your complaint in writing to the Headteacher.