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    General Information

    Children are always encouraged to talk to their School Councillor about ways they would like to improve the school and Councillors bring their ideas to meetings. There are also suggestion boxes in the school so children can write down their ideas too! This is one of the many things we do in school to show we value children’s thoughts and ideas.

    In the last couple of years, the School Council has improved the playground by buying signs and pictures and a friendship bench. They have had in-depth discussions about school values and these are now displayed in the playground. They helped to organise Green Day and the Summer Fayre. They regularly think about fun activities that can be introduced, how to raise money and how to involve the community.

    One of the main jobs of the School Council is to question things and as a result of the children’s school dinner questions the menu is being revised and ketchup may become available on certain days!

    Last year the School Council worked with children from our partner schools in Europe on a Time Capsule Project. They decided what objects to put in the time capsule and children from our partner school in Poland came to visit to help bury it!

    The School Council  also represents the school on special occasions and Councillors act as ‘school guides’ during visits from important visitors such as the Mayor. This year, four members of the School Council were selected to become ‘Article 12 Ambassadors’ which means they have a special role in ensuring all pupils have a voice in decision making.

    In January, the School Council entered the Speaker’s School Council Awards 2015 for the many  ‘We are Britain’ Projects they have been involved in over the years.  The judges selected the School Council’s project as highly commended.