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    General Information


    Although we provide a range of sport and fitness opportunities for our pupils, we aim to become a more active and sporty school and have ambitious plans for next year. We want to introduce more competitive sports, increase the number of sport and fitness clubs and develop the curriculum further to use and develop pupils’ sporting talents and abilities. Our community and health data tells us that we need to stress to our pupils and families the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. We want to work more closely with community partners and parents to ensure the whole community is on board with our health and fitness goals.


    Next year (2015/16) we will;

    • Work towards the London Healthy Schools Award.
    • Increase the number of in-school sporting competitions.
    • Participate in Borough wide-sporting events and leagues.
    • Liaise with our secondary partners to secure greater access to PE and sporting equipment/facilities.
    • Link ‘fitness’ with ‘the Arts’ (musical theatre, performing arts, dance).
    • Provide fitness clubs for staff and parents on site.
    • Provide a highly stimulating PE curriculum where pupils learn how to work collaboratively in teams.
    • To promote (through character development projects) important sporting attitudes and attributes (perseverance, grit, teamwork, ambition, resilience, determination, optimism).
    • Adopt the name of an inspirational British sporting role model as one of our ‘house names’.
    • Improve the ‘Ken Aston Cup’ championships and involve more of the school community in this event.
    • In addition to sailing and swimming lessons, we will be introducing children to a range of new sporting experiences such as archery and golf.
    • Work with a new coaching provider (Premier Sports) to provide lunchtime coaching and specialist lessons as part of the PE Curriculum.
    • Assess children’s’ achievement and progress in PE.
    • Increase our range of sporting activities to appeal to a wider number of pupils, especially girls.
    • Providing new sport ‘Taster Days’ and new sporting/fitness clubs.
    • Introduce the ‘Golden Mile’.
    • Promote the Marathon Club so more pupils participate.
    • Review and improve our Annual Sports Day.
    • Increase reminders to our families to nominate their child for an Inspire Award in recognition of sport/fitness involvement outside of school.
    • Link more visits and visitors to health and fitness agenda.

    Use and Impact of Sports Premium:

     What is PE and Sports funding?

    The government is providing additional funding of £150 million each year for 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school.

    How much did we receive and what was it spent on?

    The income we received for 14/15 was £11,745. This money was used exclusively for specialised additional coaching (provided by Premier Sports) to support all PE lessons for years 1 to 6 and provide coaching and play leadership for pupils at lunchtime.

    What was the impact?

    Pupil and staff feedback has confirmed that the use of the Sports Premium to provide coaching was effective in the following ways;

    Children have enjoyed the specialist lessons and input from the qualified coaches

    Staff have learnt a lot from the coaches, giving them confidence in the delivery of PE lessons.

    The uptake of places in ‘sporty clubs’ has increased indicating that children are becoming more interested in getting involved in sporting activities.

    Children are more physically active at lunchtimes