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Newbury Park Primary School

Education Philosophy

Our pupils, our local community and our current educational context has an important and  direct effect on our holistic educational approach: on the way we work; the design of our  school curriculum and how we teach and assess it. This context steers our strategic  direction and decision-making processes and enables us to focus on the key priorities and  needs of our pupils, for their academic, personal and social development, and to shape  confident, well-rounded, resilient and hard-working individuals who contribute positively to  society. 

Our families come from a diverse cultural heritage; the majority of pupils are multilingual  and are at different stages of acquiring English as an additional language. Celebrating this  cultural heritage and valuing the existing linguistic skills of our pupils is a core component in  the development of our positive learning culture. The breadth of diversity informs the  choices we make in the content of our school curriculum, how it is taught and how it is  assessed, particularly in the teaching of oracy for pupils’ deeper learning, its links to reading  and writing and the early acquisition of knowledge and vocabulary. This is vital for pupils if  they are going to progress and apply knowledge and skills successfully through further  application, enquiry and questioning across the full curriculum. 

In addition, preparation for life in modern day Britain requires the development of  knowledge and skills to understand and participate fluently within the British Culture. The  teaching of Reading and the exposure to, immersion in and experience of a wide range of  literature through which Cultural Literacy can be acquired, is therefore a high priority across  the school and has a greater proportion of time given to it in the school timetable. 

We promote ‘British Values’ through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.  These are firmly embedded throughout our curriculum and helps to support the holistic  development of all our pupils. We identify ‘British Values’ as: Democracy, The Rule of Law,  Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect & the inclusion of different faiths and beliefs. 

Our school values, expectations and mantra are very important to us. They provide the  foundations for the way we conduct ourselves and the actions we take in developing as a  high performing learning organisation. They embed a fierce drive to cherish identity,  celebrate diversity and ensure inclusion and equality for all protected characteristics.  

Above all, our education, the teaching and learning within it, is not just about what we do,  it is about who we are and why we are here.