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Newbury Park Primary School

Education Philosophy

Ethos and Values

We have four key school values that help shape our personalities and behaviours. These are:

Integrity; Courage; Respect; Ambition

By living these values we can embrace our school mission (the reason why we are here) and realise our school vision (where we want to get to someday).


 At the heart of it all is our quest to inspire learners and prepare them well for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


To become a centre of excellence in learning.

School Expectations (ABCDE)

 A = Attendance  (Attend school every day and be on time so that we can maximise our opportunities to learn and develop) 

B = Behaviour  (Behave well and show a positive attitude to learning.)

C = Challenge  (it's good to stretch ourselves - to find out what we are made of.)

D = Determination (Sometimes things go wrong and we can make mistakes, and that's ok! It's what we do next, by showing determination and resilience, that counts.)

E = Engagement (Take part in school life, you never know where things may lead.)