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Newbury Park Primary School

Safeguarding Guidance

School Safeguarding Statement

At Newbury Park Primary School we respect and value all children and are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our pupils so they can learn, in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. We believe every pupil should be able to participate in all school activities in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from harm. This is the responsibility of every adult employed by, or invited to deliver services at Newbury Park Primary School. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard all who access school and promote the welfare of all our pupils by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and bullying.

All schools must have a Designated Officer to deal with any child protection issues.

Our Officer is Deputy Head Teacher  – Ms Ann Moyle.

In her absence the following staff are fully trained  to deal with Child Protection issues:

Roddy Fairclough   –  Headteacher

Shani Herberman-Strange - Assistant Headteacher

Caroline Rogers - Assistant Headteacher 

You can find important information about safeguarding by clicking on the links below:

Child Protection Policy & Procedures 2022

Keeping children safe in education 2022

NSPCC guide - parent information - underwear rule 

NSPCC Guide - Doing more to protect children against radicalisation

NSPCC helpline 0800 136 663 

Keeping children and young people safe against radicalisation and extremism - Advice to parents

NSPCC Guide - Doing more to protect children against radicalisation

Educate against hate - information for parents

Well Being

To build a listening culture and to create a positive impact on mental resilience and well being, our safeguarding mantra is ‘We show respect, we listen’ 

We understand wellbeing to be a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy and  aim to ensure that mental health and well-being  is “everyone’s responsibility” across the whole school community, creating  an environment that provides excellent support. We often  work in  partnership with parents, carers and pupils, by assisting families to support their children’s  well being - focusing on preventative and early intervention strategies which may include the involvement of specialist services and other agencies. We also work with pupils and parents (and our Education Welfare Officer)  to identify why full attendance is not being achieved. 


Esafety is an important part of keeping children safe at Newbury Park Primary School. In school, children are taught to stay safe and behave appropriately online. Please use the links below so we can deliver a consistent esafety message together.

Often parents ask us how to talk to children about their on line habits. The questions below are good for starting that conversation:

  • Ask your child what apps/games they are on at the moment. They might not show you everything so ask them to show you their device. Have this conversation regularly so you are up to date with what they are doing.
  • Ask which websites they are enjoying and why. Take an interest in a positive way.
  • Ask 'How does this game /app work? Show me how to play it?' It might highlight something they don’t recognise as a danger. If they don’t want to share their activities with you question why.
  • Ask ‘Do you know what your personal information is?’ Children may not understand how personal information can be shared. They need to know how photos and personal information can be quickly shared online.
  • Ask ‘Do you have any online friends?’ Children may not fully understand the difference between a friend and stranger.
  • 'Do you know your limits?’ Talk to them about healthy habits.

Please click on the link below for information on how to help your family stay safe and smart online:

Also see attached documents (Starting a Conversation and Creating an Environment for Talking)

Starting a Conversation

Creating an Environment for Talking

Please visit:

To report  criminal content go to:

 Contact O2/ NSPCC/ your internet provider to learn how to set parental controls and for advice.

Other useful links:



GCF Global - Teaching Kids about Internet Safety

NSPCC - Net Aware - guide to social networks

NSPCC keeping children safe - share aware

BBC - ownit - information about keeping safe

Thinkuknow - Protecting children

Other useful information


Out of hours contact information 

If you have a concern about the welfare or safety of a child you should contact the Redbridge Emergency Duty Team (EDT) - out of hours service

Tel: 020 8708 5897 (after 5pm and at weekends)

Information sharing: Please be aware that we are required to share information with other agencies and schools in the best interest of the child. 

Newbury Park Primary School is working as part of the Operation Encompass project to safeguard our children. Read more about the project here: Operation Encompass 

Other useful information 

London Borough of Redbridge support information for families