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Newbury Park Primary School

Values and Expectations

School Values

We have four key school values that help shape our personalities and behaviours. These are:

Respect; Integrity; Courage; Ambition

RESPECT:  We value the feelings, wishes and rights of others and we care for the environment we live in.

INTEGRITY: We build a strong sense of fairness, honesty and equality.

COURAGE: We find the strength to face our fears and overcome challenges.

AMBITION: We strive to become the best that we can be. 

By living these values we can embrace our school mission (the reason why we are here) and realise our school vision (where we want to get to someday).


School Expectations (ABCDE)

Our school expectations help us to maximise our opportunities for learning and development:

A = Attendance  (Attend school every day and be on time!) 

B = Behaviour  (Behave exceptionally well and show a positive attitude!)

C = Challenge  (Challenge yourself, work hard and ask for help when you need it!)

D = Determination (Be determined, show resilience, make mistakes and learn from them, never give up!)

E = Engagement (Engage and enjoy, take part,get involved and try new things!)

Please click on the link below to access further information on our school expectations:

School Expectations ABCDE