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Newbury Park Primary School

Keep Safe and Be Seen - Friday 24th November 2023

Article 27: You have the right to a safe place to live

Dear Families,

We have been involved in the borough’s Defra funded Air Quality project (We Care for Our Air Redbridge) and a group of our Year 5 pupils have been working on investigating the air quality around the school.

The pupils will be presenting their findings in a special assembly on Friday, 24th November. On this Friday we will also be asking pupils and parents/carers to walk to school for all or part of their journey and to dress brightly to keep safe and be seen. School uniform should still be worn but can be accessorised with bright colours eg luminous hats, reflective stripes.   

We are hoping that local councillors will be able to attend school on that day to give out prizes for the brightest outfits so please use your imagination!

We look forward to seeing our luminous school community on 24th November!

Kind regards


A Moyle
Deputy Headteacher