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Newbury Park Primary School

School Street Scheme comes into effect from Monday 3rd June 2024

As per previous correspondence, this is to remind families that the School Street scheme at Newbury Park Primary School will come into effect on Monday 3rd June 2024.

What will this mean for Parents/Guardians?

The School Street scheme means that during term time, vehicular traffic – motorcycles, cars, vans, and lorries, will be prohibited from driving into the area within the school street scheme.

Children/Parents/Guardians having special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) may be able to apply for a vehicle exemption to enable children to be dropped at the school gates or on school grounds, if appropriate. Please email with details of your request.

Which roads will be included and when will the scheme operate?

The School Street scheme will operate on the following roads (please click on the link below to view map, area highlighted in red):

  • Perrymans Farm Road (part)

The School Street scheme will operate on weekdays, during term-time only between:

  • Morning 08.00 – 09:15am
  • Afternoon 14.30 – 16:00pm

How will the scheme be enforced?

The School Street scheme will be clearly signposted in advance at the relevant junctions and will be enforced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) during term time. Work is underway over the next few weeks to install the cameras and the relevant signage in preparation for the scheme going live.

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued to the owner of any vehicle that enters the School Street area without exemption. The fee for a Moving Traffic Contravention is £130, for which there is a 50% discount if it is paid within 14 days.

If you have any further questions regarding the School Streets scheme at Newbury Park Primary School, please contact the School Streets team at

Kind regards


Mrs Sebrina Dawes

School Street Scheme - Map and Times