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Useful Links

Newbury Park Primary


What we want to become, the someday:

We want to become, and are firmly committed to becoming: A Centre of Excellence for Learning. This is our long-term goal and Leadership and Governance is the key driver for whole school improvement towards this goal. Our centre of excellence requires excellent people:

  • those willing to put everything into creating the right conditions and environment for learning (in Pedagogy, Business & Governance);
  • those willing to embrace evidence-based professional development and;
  • those willing to give of themselves for the good of the whole before the advancement of the individual. 

Mission Statement (Why we exist, the everyday)

At the heart of it all is our quest to inspire learners and prepare them well for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Promoting British Values at Newbury Park

Please click on the link below to see how Newbury Park promote these values:

Promoting British Values